Muck Shoes and a Caring Heart – One Maker Who Makes a Difference

  We’ve all seen the heartbreaking images from news outlets around the world. Flimsy rubber rafts full of wet and exhausted men, women, and children washing ashore with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Around the world, millions of displaced persons seek refuge and safety from the horrors of war. The problem is so … Read more

Are You Up for a Challenge?

The League of American Bicyclists planned something fun for biking enthusiasts this summer. Luckily, summer runs through September, so there’s still time to join in. The National Bike Challenge started May 1st and runs through September 30th. The Challenge brings together veteran riders and newbies alike in a friendly contest to build community and promote … Read more

Vermont City Marathon – Hot Time in the City

llumiNITE continues its 2017 Expo tour this weekend with a stop in Burlington, VT for the Vermont City Marathon & Relay. Find us at the Marathon Expo on Friday, May 26th from 1pm – 8pm or Saturday, May 27th from 9am -7pm. The Expo takes place at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, 870 Williston … Read more

Our Favorite Marathon and Some History

Fifty years ago, a mystery runner named K. V. Switzer laced up her sneakers and took off from Hopkinton, MA for an arduous 26.2 mile run to Boston. Dressed in a simple gray track suit (circa 1967), Boston Marathon participant 261 started the race to challenge herself and ended up changing the face of women’s … Read more

The Running O’ The Green

illumiNITE heads to one of our favorite events this weekend – The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. The people are friendly, the crowds are fun, and the Expo features a speaker series with a ton of top experts to help newbies and veteran marathoners alike. The Expo is also a great opportunity to check … Read more

Never Give Up – A Recovery Story

This is not a fairytale. Although, it does has a happy ending. Competitive runner and illumiNITE fan George Berg has quite the tale to tell, but it’s not full of nasty witches and a beautiful princess, but instead a reckless drivers and courage fit for a King. A runner since high school, George loves the … Read more

Happy Change a Pet’s Life Day

We’ve all seen the videos on social media, heartbreaking stories of abused animals (often dogs) rescued, rehabilitated, and adopted into a loving home. I’m a softy for those stories, and you’ll sometimes catch me watching YouTube and weeping at my desk (don’t tell my boss). We love pets at illumiNITE, especially dogs, but cats are … Read more

illumiNITE Hits the Big Time on

When you think of Forbes Magazine you think about Billionaires, Dow Jones, and big tech companies taking over other big tech companies. Until now… Forget Billionaires (except Damian Lewis, feel free to think about Damian Lewis – see HBO), now when you think Forbes you’ll think illumiNITE. Recently, the talented, and clearly brilliant, Allison Olmsted … Read more

Giving Thanks and The Philadelphia Marathon

illumiNITE is back in the “City of Brotherly Love” this weekend for the Philadelphia Marathon. The name is fitting, because we love this marathon and always find something fun to celebrate before each visit. This year, it’s Steve Sinko of Pine Creek, DE. Steve is participating in his 3rd Philadelphia Marathon, but he won’t be … Read more