100 on 100 Vermont Relay – Another Reason to Visit Vermont

Regular readers of this blog know, we love Vermont. Don’t get us wrong, we love all of New England (especially our home in Fall River, MA), but there is something about Vermont that puts us in our happy place.

That’s why the annual 100 on 100 Vermont Relay is a big favorite. Organized by Heart of Vermont Productions, the 100-mile race follows Route 100 through the heart of the state. Each August, participants visit small towns, run past farms, across covered bridges, along dirt pathways, past mountains, lakes, streams….sigh….everything that makes Vermont special.

The race starts at the Trapp Family Lodge (yes, the hills ARE alive with the sound of music…) and ends at the Jackson Gore Mountain Resort at Okemo Mountain. Along the way, each runner completes three legs of the race, averaging about 16.5 miles each.

Unlike other multi-legged races, the 100 on 100 takes place during the day, with no overnight running required. You’d think all that sunlight would deter us (after all, illumiNITE lives for the night), but you’d be wrong. Our reflective gear also helps improve a runner’s visible during the day. illumiNITE is all about safety first (fun second, ice cream third (or beer, depending on our mood)), so we’re happy to donate reflective slap wraps to all race participants.

Like all of our favorite events, the 100 on 100 supports local youth based charities that “promote active and healthy lifestyles in support of self-esteem development.” Plus there’s a big party at the end, so you’ll be refreshed and well- fueled after all that do-gooding. So grab six of your friends, lace up your sneakers, and head to Vermont on August 15th for the 100 on 100 Vermont Relay.

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