A black dog wearing a bright reflective vest at night

15% Off Glow Dog for the Dog Days of Summer!

Do you know why the hot, humid part of summer is called “the dog days of summer?” It doesn’t have so much to with dogs as it does with the brightest star in our sky, Sirius. It’s not only bright, but our atmosphere makes it look like it sparkles in rainbow colors. In the northern hemisphere, Sirius appears to rise and set with the sun in the summer, so it’s associated with warmer weather.* It’s nicknamed the Dog Star because it’s in the constellation Canis Major. Canis Major basically translates to “Big Dog,” so there you go. Perhaps we can see it because Canis Major is wearing a reflective dog vest? Who knows.

The dog pictured here is Sushi. Sushi’s dog days have not been going well. She had knee surgery in June. If you look close, you can see the fur on her hind leg is a lot shorter! And although she has recovered as fast as you could possibly want, the enforced laziness has left her BORED. No swimming allowed, no roaming our woods, no running with the kids, no visiting neighbor dogs. And especially no chasing critters (it was chasing critters that got her into this mess in the first place). The groundhogs and chipmunks are swanning about the yard like they own it.

And then, as soon as she got cleared to go for short walks, our road got repaved and was covered with loose gravel and sticky asphalt. So we had to curtail our adventures until it got cleaned up.

And then we got hit with the HeAt DomE.

But now, thankfully, we are finally able to throw on a reflective vest and take our goodest girl out for a stroll in the evening without worrying about heatstroke, irritated paws, or wounded knees. It takes two seconds to throw on a reflective dog vest (and a reflective people vest!) and it gives us a little night time sparkle.

Celebrate Dog Days With 15% Off!

So in honor of Sushi’s newly regained mobility, we’re giving 15% off our reflective pet products. Discount code DogStar will get you 15% off at checkout from 12:00 am EDT July 23rd, 2019 to 11:59 pm EDT July 30th, 2019. You don’t even have to type–put a Glow Dog pet product in your cart and it will happen automagically!

Our orange dog vest–lightweight for summer!
It only takes a few seconds to put on our bright Vizi Bib!

*Sirius rises in the evening in the winter, so you may be able to see it better then. This change, and our hot and cold seasons, are both due to the Earth’s tilt on its axis. Sirius doesn’t actually make the weather hotter! Science is cool.

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