Health and Fitness Trends for 2018

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who made illumiNITE’s holiday season Ah-mazing! We are grateful for your love and support and look forward to another great year.

Speaking of 2018….December is full of year-in-review lists: Top ten movies of the year, top ten moments in sports, top ten songs, top ten headlines…you get the idea.

December is about the past and January is about the future. We all want to know what’s next. What’s hot, what’s not, and why should we care? Some ideas are pure inspiration, others make us scratch our head.

We’ve read the reports and here are seven health and fitness trends we expect to see everywhere in 2018.

Digital Fitness

The at-home, but not alone fitness craze will continue to grow in 2018. Online streaming of spinning, boot camp workouts, yoga, ballet, etc. will be available for all fitness levels, anytime day or night. Some of these companies are worth billions and have hundreds of thousands of subscribers with more joining everyday.

Gut Health

What do Kombucha, yogurt, and coconut oil have in common? They’re all good for your gut. According to experts, maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal system strengthens the immune system and wards off disease. Expect to see fermented and probiotic-enhanced food all over the supermarket shelves. Here’s a list of 25 foods for a healthy gut from Eat This Not That

Smart Mattresses and Pillows

Sleepless night and working to exhaustion is so 2017. Sleep is as important to our good health as nutritious food and exercise. Smart beds allow users to adjust the height, firmness, and temperature of the bed. Some will also include ambient sounds systems to lull the most frustrated insomniac to sleep.

And for suffering spouses everywhere: Smart pillows detect snoring and give a little shake to stir the culprit into a new position. Genius!

Technology Detox

Cafes, hotels, and restaurants around the country are going analog in 2018. Patrons might need to surrender phones or other technology or the shop may simply not offer WIFI. Either way, the goal is to encourage personal connections rather than eyes glued to a screen. Technology detox? I thought it was called the OFF button.

Customized Running Shoes

Manufacturers are using technology to custom design running shoes based on the wearer’s biomechanics. Through the use of three-dimensional scans, shoe makers build peronsalize shoes to help improve performance and prevent injury.


Long used in the ancient practice of Ayurveda, turmeric is the hot spice for 2018. This stuff is like magic (according to experts) and can do everything from improving your mood to preventing cancer. Plus, it’s tasty

illumiNITE Reflective Athletic Wear

Hey, it’s my list and I’m including my favorite reflective performance clothing. But seriously, stay tuned, we’ll have tons of great products and fun surprises coming your way in 2018.

Here’s to your health in 2018!

Which health and fitness trends do you think will explode this year? Let us know below.


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