A Safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween – Reflective Capes for Your Little Goblins



I don’t care what the calendar says, Halloween season is here. Just ask the supermarkets. Halloween candy appeared on the shelves sometime around mid-August, so I’ve been celebrating Halloween for more than a month

Each year, Americans spend $7 billion (yes, BILLION) on costumes, candy, and elaborate (and sometimes gruesome) decorations. I’m pretty sure my neighbor is responsible for about half that amount.

Why? Because, it’s fun.

We all remember the excitement and anticipation around Trick-or-Treat. Of being forced to eat a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and canned green beans before going to claim our booty. Back then the costumes were homemade, the treats landed in old pillowcases, and someone in the group carried a flashlight for safety.

For fun, older brothers or sisters terrified us with horrifying tales of razors in apples, madmen in the backseat, and someone calling from inside the house! While those stories are nothing but urban legends, one danger remains and is exactly the same.


According to the organization Safe Kids USA, more kids are hit by cars on Halloween than any other time of the year. With 41 million trick-or-treaters on the roads, often in dark costumes, we’re not surprise.

Fortunately, we have a solution (or at least a way to make kids much more visible this year).

The illumiNITE reflective Halloween Cape is a lightweight and fun addition to any costume for boys or girls. Plus, it uses the same reflective technology as our men’s and women’s active wear to keep your kids safe and seen by drivers. Kids can choose from four designs: Starry Night, Green Splatter, Princess, or Fish Bone; there’s a style for every outfit.

We love kids here at illumiNITE, that’s why we’ll throw in a reflective Jack-O-Lantern bag for just $5.00 with the purchase of a Halloween Cape, because….

A safe Halloween is a Happy Halloween!

And, because this song never gets old… Ghostbusters!



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