illumiNITE Sponsors Ann Arbor Running Company Girls Night Out

Ann Arbor Running Company – A Great Independent Running Store

illumiNITE is small, family-owned business with a product that’s made in the USA. Competing with the big guys is tough, but we persevere because we know we offer something of value to athletes, and we care about our customers. Those showoff corporate types may have supermodels, famous athletes, and slick marketing campaigns, but we have panache.

We nurture that independent spirit by supporting other small businesses around the country. Some of our favorites are local running or riding stores. Step into one of those places and you’ll find owners who love their sport and want to share it with the world. One company we like a lot is the Ann Arbor Running Company in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Co-owners Nick Stanko and Ian Forsyth opened the shop in August 2014. As runners, Nick and Ian know the ups and downs of the sport and created a place that provides education and training, cultivates connections with other runners, and provides health resources. Not only do they offer local access to independently-made, high-quality running gear, they are also the go-to source of information and support for area runners.

The guys offer an abundance of training opportunities, including Good Form Running to help runners work on proper body mechanics, and programs about how to stay healthy while training. Runners looking for company can join one of Ann Arbor’s weekly running groups for fun and encouragement.

illumiNITE’s reflective clothing is sold in the store, and we’re thrilled to be part of that community. In May, illumiNITE will sponsor the company’s first annual “Girls Night Out” for local woman runners. The guys at Ann Arbor know that female runners are not just small male runners. The event will cover issues important to women runners and highlight some fun, fashionable gear (we mean illumiNITE, of course).

“Girls Night Out” will also raise money for Ele’s Place. That non-profit organization helps children ages 13-18 cope after the death of a loved one and start to heal through peer support groups.

The guys at the Ann Arbor Running Company like illumiNITE’s functionality, because it gives runners what they need and is the first really good reflective apparel out there. They believe that, more than ever, people are looking for that type of reflective product as they become more safety conscious.

Nick told us he really appreciates the relationship with illumiNITE. It’s what running is all about.

We like you guys too.


  1. Great job by all! I look forward to seeing everyone on May 21 @ 5:00. It will be fun and informative.

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