Woman in reflective jacket on a bike at night.

Babes In Bikeland – Love that Name!

IllumiNITE was recently contacted by Kat, Karyn, and Jessica, the original Babes from Babes in Bikeland. They needed some support for the ninth annual Babes in Bikeland bike race/ride for women in Minneapolis. Of course we said YES! (They had us at babes on bikes.) Once we learned more about the mission of Babes in Bikeland, not only did we want to help, we wanted to spread the word about this great event.

Babes in Bikeland began with an epiphany. Based on their own experience, the organizers knew that women riding with other women helps build confidence and ability. So Babes in Bikeland was born.

The event is all about creating a safe, welcoming place for all members of the WTF (Women/Trans/Femmes) community. Organizers encourage everyone to participate, regardless of experience, level of skill, or equipment. If you have something with wheels and pedals they want you.

To be clear, this is not a “No Men Allowed” situation. Plenty of male friends help out as volunteers and, of course, adoring fans.

The event is an “alley cat style bike race,” where participants receive a map and a list of locations to visit. It’s up to the riders to figure out the rest. We love it! Similar to a scavenger hunt, the race/ride will average 20 miles if you know the City. If you get lost, who knows?

The folks here at illumiNITE wish we could join the Babes in Minneapolis on August 29th for this fun event. But, it looks like we’ll just have to admire them from afar.

Good luck!

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