Daylight Saving Time – Blessing or Curse?

Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. At 2:00 am on Sunday morning we’ll all fall back an hour. I think I speak for the majority of Americans (exception Arizonians and Hawaiians who don’t follow Daylight Savings Time) when I say, yuck! As far as I’m concerned, nighttime that starts at 4:00 pm is too much nighttime. (Luckily, you have illumiNITE reflective gear to keep you safe and seen during your fall/winter afternoon/evening runs and rides. Read to the bottom for a surprise).

Each year I complain, and each year someone tells me we suffer in the dark because of farmers, or the school buses, or….who knows. This year I’m going right to the source ( to find out why we still have Daylight Savings Time.

Here are 8 things I learned about Daylight Savings Time.

There’s no S in Savings.

First, we’re all saying it wrong. It’s Daylight Saving (without the s) Time (which makes since when you thing about it). I’ll call it DST for short.

I don’t hate DST.

I actually like DST (with an extra hour of daylight) and dislike “real” time when clocks are in synch with nature. Otherwise known as November 5th.

Blame the Germans.

DST began in Germany during WWI as a way to save electricity. Great Britain and the U.S quickly followed.

Don’t Blame the Farmers.

Farmer opposed DST because the sun regulates agricultural schedules not the clock. Retail and recreational industries loved DST because it increased the workday and time for shopping.

The law was repealed, then it wasn’t, and then it was.

Farmers finally got their way with a repeal of the law in 1919. The override was vetoed by President Wilson under pressure from retailers, but Congress like farmers more and overrode the veto (getting rid of DST).

After repeal, DST was a hot mess.

Up until 1966 some state and municipalities continued DST without coordination. Some states had dozens of different time zones.

Uniform Time Act saved the day(light).

That changed in 1966 when 48 of 50 states adopted a uniform DST.

Why do we keep it?

Two words, energy conservation. Although, according to the U.S Department of Transportation, the increase in widespread use of air conditioners (needed during those LONG summer days) more than offsets any savings.

We’re stuck with it.

For now, we’re stuck with DST. The good news? illumiNITE can help. While we can’t made winter daylight longer, we can help keep you safe on the road. Our reflective gear makes you more visible to drivers and keeps you warm and dry during the colder months. As a thanks for reading this post and celebrating/demonizing DST with us, here’s a coupon for 20% off all of our amazing winter gear.

Thank you! Enjoy!

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