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Getting to the Starting Line: Running Safe and Staying Warm this Winter in illumiNITE.


I rolled over and glared at the alarm clock – oh hell! A 6:00 a.m. run sounded great during the light of day, in a nice warm house, with fuzzy slippers on, but more like Dante’s nine circles of hell in the reality of a cold winter morning.

I haven’t run in a while. Okay, that’s generous; I haven’t run in years, but I’m no couch potato. I workout at the gym year-round, swim in the summer and ski in the winter, but I don’t run. Why? It’s hard, and my knees hurt.

So when a friend asked me to train for a charity 5K, I thought no way! But then I reconsidered. I loved road races, because most races were a blast, the runners were friendly, the organizers loved us, and it was usually for a good cause. Plus you’d get a cool t-shirt.

So I told her – I’m in!

Like I said, I’m no couch potato, but I worried if three months of training was enough to get me over the finish line. I had to start right away. That’s where the 5:45 a.m. alarm comes into the story. Like all parents, I’m busy. Fitting in a run, bike or gym workout is tough. My best of intentions are often sidelined by a kid’s activity or some other crisis, like having to feed my family. An early morning run seemed like the solution. That was yesterday.

Determined to see this through, I drag myself out of bed and throw on my illumiNITE running gear, a pair of Women’s Reflex Powerstretch Pants, a Tahoe Women’s Performance Jacket in Gloxinia (what the rest of us call purple), a Cold Weather Hood and Some Second Skin Gloves. On this cold, dark winter morning in New England, I have two priorities 1) Not freezing to death and 2) Not getting run over. My illumiNITE gear has me covered, reflective safety and warmth, plus I look pretty good (if you ignore the bedhead). At 6:00 a.m. I’m out the door to meet my friend for our first day of training.

Maybe this isn’t the best idea.

To be continued…

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