Cape Cod in February? Heck Yeah!

Are you watching the big sporting event in South Korea? You know the one with a colorful flag with rings and lots of people from different countries competing in winter sports?

Why so coy? Well, it turns out we’re not allowed to use the event’s name or image without permission. It’s like the big football game a few weeks ago. Both events are trademarked so writing about them by name is a no-no.

Honestly, I haven’t watched much of The Event That Must Not Be Named because sports on television doesn’t interest me. I did watch the big football game because the home team played, but otherwise, I’m indifferent.

No matter the sport, being part of the action is always better. I love going to Red Sox games at Fenway Park, but I never watch a full game on television. Likewise the big football game, it was fun to watch because it’s a show and not just a sporting event. There’s nothing wrong with watching sports on TV, it’s just not for me.

This is especially true for running events. In my opinion (and only my opinion) watching distance runners on television is boring. For me, only drama along the route (remember Rosie Ruiz?) or a photo finish makes it exciting.

Going to the race is a different story. The energy of the crowd, the excitement of watching professional runners push themselves beyond their limit, the joy of seeing weekend warriors fulfill a lifelong goal and cross the finish, the beer tent at the end of the race….seriously, you don’t have to be a runner to love a good marathon.

That’s why we’re excited for our road trip to Cape Cod for the 2018 Hyannis Marathon. Yes, running in February is cold and unpredictable, but there’s something about this race that brings runners back year after year. As the first New England race of 2018, the Hyannis Marathon helps participants shake off winter cobwebs and show their mettle while running in frigid temperatures along the ocean. Finishing a marathon in February on The Cape is something to brag about.

illumiNITE will set up at the Sports Expo on Saturday, February 24th from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday, February 25th from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. The event takes place at the Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis at 35 Scudder Ave., Hyannis. You’ll find us in the ballroom on the 1st floor with some winter clearance and new items for spring. We hope to see you there.

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