W woman and a dog wearing reflective outerwear outside at night.

It’s Dark Out Here!

It’s dark and cold here in western New York.

(illumiNITE’s based in Fall River, but life carried me back to where I grew up. Wherever there’s a computer, I can work.)

Just this week, my dental hygienist and I were reflecting upon the fact that we don’t get poisonous spiders or snakes in this part of the Great Lakes, or hurricanes, or crocodiles, or Nor’easters. We get precious few tornadoes and earthquakes. It’s a pretty safe place to be. Except we do get winter. Our grey, cold , blustery days have started and it’s only going to get darker and snowier. We had a brief respite when the clocks fell back, but it’s just getting dark again.

So last night, when I closed my laptop, said goodbye to my conference call, and announced out loud to no one that it was time to make dinner, my dog heard “it’s time for a walk.” If you’ve met Sushi, you know only the worst person in the world could say no to her when she gets super excited about a walk.

It had been cold and a little drizzly all day, and even though it was only 6:30, it was DARK. Time for my reflective dog walking gear! So I threw my old Tahoe jacket with the bonded fleece over my sweater, put a Glow Dog jacket on Sushi, and off we went. We said hello to the neighborhood dogs and made sure there were no delinquent chipmunks out past curfew. My street does not have sidewalks, and I was pleased to see my neighbors slow down when they saw us. So I got my son to snap a picture of us as we crossed the lawn. Other than cropping it to fit, there’s no PhotoShop involved!

My Tahoe jacket is an old color, but we have plenty in Graphite, White, and the pretty Salmon pictured below. Sushi was wearing one of our dog jackets. You can see more reflective women’s jackets and reflective pet products on our site.

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