Moms Rock! (And a Coupon!)

Maintaining a fitness routine is hard for anyone. Throw a few little ones (i.e. kids) into the mix and it’s near impossible (those little buggers want food three times a day!)

Moms are busy and many of us forgo exercise for a few extra minutes for other important things, like brushing our teeth and bathing. As a mom, I understand this dilemma. Our kids need us now. But they also need us later, and taking care of ourselves by exercising (according to pretty much everyone in the medical field) will help increase our chances for a long, healthy life. Plus, an active mom is a good role model for the kids (especially our girls).

So in honor of Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8th in case you forgot), here are few easy ways for families to exercise together, because a family who exercises together….um…I don’t know, but it’s fun, so you should do it.

• Sign up for a charity run or bike event. Most races have a kid’s event, and some races allow kids to participate in a 5K. Don’t be surprised if junior leaves you in the dust.

• Plan a weekly sports night. In New England, our window of nice weather is small, so we make the most of it with three months of pretty serious volleyball. Never let the kids win.

• Bring the kids to the park and use the juggle gym for some pull ups, triceps dips, or sit ups. Ignore the strange looks from other parents.

We all know that active Moms simply want time with their families and unconditional love as a Mother’s Day gift.

And a new running jacket.

Maybe some biking pants?

Oh, and a new top for yoga.

You’re in luck, illumiNITE is here to fulfill all of Mom’s performance wear dreams.

Because we love Moms so much, we’ll take 20% off all purchases made up until midnight at the end of Mother’s Day, May 8th. Simply use the promotional code MOM at checkout to receive the discount.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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