Never Give Up – A Recovery Story

This is not a fairytale. Although, it does has a happy ending.

Competitive runner and illumiNITE fan George Berg has quite the tale to tell, but it’s not full of nasty witches and a beautiful princess, but instead a reckless drivers and courage fit for a King.

A runner since high school, George loves the sport and at 46 years old qualified for a spot on Team USA in the 2015 World Master’s Championship in France.

George knew this international competition might be his last, so he threw his heart and soul into preparing for the event. Four months into his training, George lived every runner’s nightmare. A careless driver, taking a shortcut through a restaurant parking lot, slammed into George, causing massive injuries, including a broken arm, compression fracture to his back, and bruised ribs. His injuries were so extensive the paramedics needed to cut off his favorite running jacket.

It seemed his dream of competing in France was over.

Or not…

George didn’t give up, and after months of grueling rehabilitation he went running. He ran one mile, then two, and on and on until he found himself at the starting line in France. In that competition, George took 12th in the world and 4th in the 3000 Meter Steeplechase, Even better, he ranked #1 for the year in the USA/Canada/South America. Most amazing, he’s not done yet and intends to continue training after another surgery in October.

We hope George never has another run-in with a truck (or dog or angry snowplow operator), but to make sure, we’ve sent him a new illumiNITE jacket with our compliments. Unfortunately, drivers will always take shortcuts, text, eat, and apply makeup while driving, but illumiNITE improves the chances you’ll be SEEN in a world full of distractions.

Good luck George! We can’t wait to hear more about your ongoing recovery and success.

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