Ragnar Relay Series – A Race for Your Wild Side

IllumiNITE packs a lot into our high-performance athletic gear, including safety, warmth, style, and comfort. IllumiNITE is built to compete in road races, bike races and triathlons. So, if the folks here at illumiNITE headquarters tried to create a race designed so athletes could get the most out of our performance-wear, we couldn’t do it better than the Ragnar Relay Series.

Picture this…it’s 2:00 a.m., dark, and a little spooky, and you’re running down the road. It’s silent, except for the crickets and sound of your running shoes hitting the pavement. You’re exhausted and want to quit, but you know up ahead your team is waiting with encouragement, and hopefully, a sports drink, and maybe a snack. So you keep going, pushing hard to finish your second five-mile leg of a 200-mile race.

Sound like fun? Then the Ragnar Relay Race Series is for you.

Held in 15-locations across the country, this overnight running relay race dares teams of 12 runners to overcome exhaustion and logistical challenges to successfully cross the finish line and have fun while doing it.

Each team member is responsible for three of the races 36 legs and an average of 12-20 miles depending on the runner’s skill and difficulty of the leg. That means teams can mix both hard-core runners with recently reformed couch potatoes to compete together in this wild and challenging event.

We love this race!

IllumiNITE was made for Ragnar athletes and we’ve been lucky enough to sponsor teams who participated in the Ragnar Relay. We also love that Ragnar Relay Series and its athletes “go the extra mile” to raise money to support local charities like Camp Hole the Wall, the charity partner for this year’s Ragnar Relay Cape Cod.

Good luck runners!

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