Training for 2015 Boston Marathon – You Might Need Snow Shoes!

The headline in the Boston Sunday Globe (3/1/15) read, Alaska Wonders ‘who stole our winter’? The answer, We did! (We added the exclamation point.) By the time you read this post, Boston will have surpassed it’s all-time snowfall record of 107.6 inches! (again, our exclamation point) set during the winter of 1995-1996.*

This winter has been hard on everyone here in Massachusetts, but as we gripe about shoveling and our inability to drive down a snow-clogged street, we can’t help but think of those hardy souls training for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Scheduled for April 20th, runners of the Boston Marathon face the added challenge of New England’s unpredictable April weather. From a record high of 90 degrees in 2012 to a chilly 47 degrees in 2009, participants should be prepared for anything. Let’s hope the snow (more than 5 feet!) is gone by the time the starting gun is fired.

Given this year’s extreme winter, we know New England runners can handle any race day weather challenge. 2015 has turned out to be one of the coldest, snowiest, and most downright nasty on record (we’ll never doubt you again Farmer’s Almanac). The streets are covered in ice and sidewalks are non-existent. Training has been a nightmare, a real horror story. (Don’t believe us? Go here.)

So, a tip of our cap to this year’s hardy, dedicated, slightly off-the-wall (in a good way) Boston Marathon runners who call New England home. We are humbled in your presence.

IllumiNITE was made for winter training. Our performance gear is a combination of warmth, comfort, style and safety, perfect for all of those early morning and winter-gloomy runs. We can’t run the marathon for you, but we can make getting to the starting line a lot more comfortable.

* We still have nightmares about that winter.


  1. No Marathon for me but I do hope to be training soon for Falmouth. Glad I have my Illuminite warm gear. Haven’t run all year so I need to start training now!

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