Vermont City Marathon – Hot Time in the City

llumiNITE continues its 2017 Expo tour this weekend with a stop in Burlington, VT for the Vermont City Marathon & Relay. Find us at the Marathon Expo on Friday, May 26th from 1pm – 8pm or Saturday, May 27th from 9am -7pm. The Expo takes place at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, 870 Williston Rd., So. Burlington.

Vermont is a favorite place and we love this marathon. Last year, the race took an unexpected and dramatic turn when organizers canceled the race while in progress because of high heat and humidity. According to news sources, some racers were allowed to finish, while others (farther from the finish line) were ordered to stop. Disappointing for sure, but as we always say, safety first.

Runners won’t have the same problem this year. Race day temperatures will be 68 degrees under cloudy skies. Not my perfect temperature, but a huge improvement.

It’s hard to give up the dream of finishing a marathon when you’ve trained long and hard for months. Sometimes Mother Nature messes with runners by gifting 90 degree temperatures in March or snow storms in April. Running a marathon in extreme weather is dangerous (especially for weekend warriors and first-timers) with high temperatures and humidity a real concern.

Summer is coming, so here’s a quick reminder about ways to protect yourself in hot weather conditions. Also, we’re not doctors, so if you’re running on a hot day and stop sweating, feel chilled, dizzy or sick STOP and get some help. There are always more roads to run, but only one you, so don’t take any chances.

  • Stay well-hydrated (of course), but experts suggest small amounts of liquid on a consistent basis rather than waiting until you’re thirsty and chugging a lot of liquid at one time. Staying well-hydrated allows your body’s cooling mechanism to work properly.
  • Wear light colored, loose fitting, wicking running gear. (May we suggest illumiNITE’s Reflective Bling Vigor Singlet…) The light color reflects the sun’s rays better, and the wicking material allows moisture to evaporate, which keeps you cooler.
  • Wear waterproof sunscreen because a sunburn is a BURN that increases your body’s temperature.
  • A visor helps protect your face from sun and prevents a burn (hats hold in the heat). How about a Reflective Super Visor?
  • If high temperatures are predicted, hydrate well the before the run and increase your salt intake (check with your doctor if you’re on a low-sodium diet).
  • Douse yourself with water whenever possible while running.
  • This one will probably be unpopular: Start slower, keep a slower pace, and modify your personal goals. Sorry, but you know I’m right.
  • If it’s really, really hot, run on a treadmill or workout indoors.

Best of luck to everyone participating in the Vermont City Marathon. Thank you volunteers, you make the world go round.

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