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A ping from my computer signals an email that wants my attention. An advertisement for an obstacle course race based on the television series Wipe Out sits in my inbox. Sounds cool!

The WipeOut Run won’t fit into my summer schedule, but an obstacle/mud run sounds like fun. Here are some others worthy of consideration.

Rugged Maniac was my first, and only, obstacle/mud run. A daylong festival with a 25-obstacle race, live music, and lots of beer, the race hosts every level of athlete, from serious competitors to recently reformed couch potatoes. The field is 50% women (much higher than some other events), and you’ll see lots of costumes and silliness at this well-run race.

Dirty Girl Mud Run is a 3.1-mile race that celebrates female athletes, elites and newbies alike. According to its website, more than 900,000 women have participated in these events since 2011, making it the world’s largest woman-only mud event. Dirty Girl events support Bright and Pink a nonprofit that focuses on early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women (aged 18-45).

As a huge fan of the AMC’s The Walking Dead, the idea of the Zombie Mud Run thrills and terrifies me. Logic says “zombies” are just humans in makeup, but an active imagination says, Run For Your Life! Organizers offer a Zombie Mud Run Junior (for ages 12 and under) and nighttime zombie run. No mud, just a one-mile run along a haunted hayride trial. Forget about it!

The Spartan Challenge started in Vermont and encourages participants to embrace the Spartan lifestyle. The website offers training and nutrition help and an active online community to give encouragement and tips for new and seasoned participants. Different race levels are available, from a 3-mile, 20 obstacle Sprint, to the 12+ miles, 30+ obstacle Spartan Beast. Kid’s races are also available.

Finally, the Tough, don’t call me a race, Mudder challenge. A grueling untimed, team event that covers 10-12 miles of challenging obstacles. Participants sign a pledge that includes the line, “I will put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.” This race looks physically and mentally challenging, beware!

The number and variety of obstacle/mud races grows every year, so if you’re looking for a physical and mental challenge, a party, or some combination – there’s a race out there for you.

illumiNITE performance gear is perfect for scaling 10-foot walls, leaping over fire, or dodging the Sweeper arm. Our reflective tops are breathable, moisture wicking and fast drying, perfect for the race. Then grab a warm, toasty pullover or jacket after the race to dry off and warm up (and have a beer).

What’s your favorite mud run?  Leave a friendly post with some race ideas and be entered to win an illumiNITE jacket.  Winner will be picked on August 1st.

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