Winter Workouts…Your Family Won’t Understand


I love entering a warm house after a winter workout, gasping for breath, icicles hanging from the ends of my hair, and feeling great. My family, on the other hand, just stares and wonders how we’re related.

After a brisk run this morning one thing is clear, winter is here. If done right, winter workouts provide a host of benefits, including beating the winter blues. With preparation and appropriate gear (illumiNITE of course) workouts can stay outside all year long.

Our friends at Women’s Health published this helpful article on the safe way to exercise in cold weather. The magazine wants readers to be prepared and map out a safe route, stay close to home, dress properly (illumiNITE!), warm up, start slow to adjust to chilly temperatures, cool down inside, and stay hydrated.

Good advice, because we all love the crazy hedonism of the weekend.

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