World’s Best Dad (Plus a Coupon)!

Given all the hype (and pressure) around Mother’s day, I was surprised to learn that Father’s Day was created first (1910 vs. 1914). We all appreciate dads, especially our Dad, but what do you give a man who as everything?

Given the pressure of finding a perfect gift (or last minute buying habits) it’s not surprising that poor ole’ Dad has gotten some real duds in the past.

As a community service, we nominate the following Father’s Day gifts into retirement and the Bad Gift Hall of Fame.

  • Polyester ties picked out by children. Yes, a tie with kittens is funny and cute, but really, kittens?
  • World’s Greatest Dad anything…hat, shirt, mug, bumper sticker, etc. Even if he is the “World’s Greatest Dad!” he’s much too humble to broadcast it to the world.
  • Old Spice aftershave. No explanation necessary.
  • Car seat covers, a plastic bucket, and accessories to clean the car. Give this gift and you’ll find them unopened in the back of the garage next Father’s Day.
  • Personal grooming items, nose, ear, and nail clippers. Shouldn’t he buy these things for himself? And, yuck!
  • Socks and underwear. See nose, ear, and nail clippers.
  • Paperweights. Unless, of course, Dad works in a plant that tests wind turbines, then definitely get the guy a paperweight.
  • Anything that’s secretly for you like Xbox or tickets to Mama Mia.
  • Gifts that put Dad to work. The family may need a weed-whacker or new lawn mower, but unless you’re planning to whack those weeds, save these for another day.
  • Bathroom scale, running sneakers, or membership to the gym. Stop being so passive aggressive (unless he asks for these things and then it’s nice you care about his well being).

So, what do Dads really want?

Most Dads simply want the love, respect, and admiration of their children (they’d also love a day off to do exactly what they want. Even if that means nothing at all.)

Still need some ideas? How about a new illumiNITE jacket, shorts, and shirt. Not exactly love, respect, and admiration, but caring about his health, safety, and style might make you the “World’s Best Kid!”

Because we love Dads so much, we’ll take 20% off all purchases made up until midnight at the end of Father’s Day, June 19th. Simply use the promotional code DAD at checkout to receive the discount.

Happy Father’s Day!

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