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illumiNITE has teamed up with Friends Getting Fit with Friends fitness and running club in Western Massachusetts as they train for Cape Cod Marathon in October.  From time to time, we’ll get updates from the group about their progress and the challenges of training for a marathon.  So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce guest blogger Loretta Kapinos.  Loretta is an RN, writer, and mom, (in other words, busy!)  Thanks Loretta!

It’s been nearly four years since I took my first running step. It started off with a desire to elevate my heart rate. It ended with a need for more. You see, I had just quit smoking. It was a bad habit that I loved since I first tried it at thirteen. For most of my life I’d embraced fitness, but couldn’t give up the butts. I figured the exercise would overcome the damage the cigarettes were doing. I was wrong. At thirty-seven, I had an abnormal CT scan that was deemed “normal for a smoker my age”.

So I quit.

In three short weeks, my heart rate would not longer respond to walking on the treadmill. So, I increased the speed of the treadmill up a notch, then two, then four and then I ran.

It felt great.

Six months later I trained for my first 5k.

That was really, really hard. It scared me, a lot. But I couldn’t stop. That following summer, I ran a 5k per month, just to face that fear.

It felt great.

Next, I attacked the 10k.

It was easy.

And because it was easy, I dared to dream I could, maybe, think about running a half marathon.

Seven months later, I ran my first half marathon.

It felt great.

That’s when I knew I had found my next addiction in running.

Today I am the middle of a 2015 half marathon-a-month challenge. Every single half marathon feels great.


And because of that, I have joined a team eager to train for my first marathon. I will need to run long and often. I will have to squeeze running into an already busy lifestyle. Illuminite is one running brand I know will help me and my team. Last year, I got caught in the dark too many times. I felt really exposed. But this year, the reflective gear will help me stay safe and get strong.

Stay tuned for our training adventures. Our main priority is to have fun.

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